Staff and Leadership

Reverand Joan Preist, Bridge Pastor

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Cristina Vanase




Here since 1976. We seldom get to see him but we sure see what he does.

Session 2021

                                                 Pastor Joan Priest    Moderator

                                                       Tim Evers 2022    Clerk of Session, Strategic Planning Chair

                                              Jean DeGrooth 2021    Mission Committee Chair

                                                    Kelly Milton 2023    Connection & Fellowship Chair

                                          Katey Kokomoor 2023    Preschool Chair, Nominating  & Personnel  Chair

                                                    Dale Green 2022    Marketing & Outreach & Worship Chair

                                   Anne Knochenhauer 2023    Christian Education Chair

                                                      Jeff Snider 2021    Property Department Chair

                                                    Joe Jackson 2021    Stewardship & Finance Committee Chair, 



Board of Deacons

Bill Clark 2023

Linda Evers 2021

Marcia Fix 2021

Jim Gentry 2021

Mary Lowe 2021