HOW CAN I HELP?! Various collection bins are set-up in our Fellowship Hall…

Toiletries: As you travel along this holiday, please collect your unused complimentary
hotel toiletries to donate to the homeless shelter. Collection bins are located in
Fellowship Hall.

Christmas Cards: If you have unused Christmas cards that you longer want, we will be
collecting them to donate to the NL Homeless Hospitality Center next year. For some of
the guests at the center this is the only time of year they communicate with their families.
Donation bins are located in Fellowship Hall.

Clothing: Clean and gently used winter clothing is needed for the homeless shelter and
Safe Futures (women’s shelter). The greatest needs are for men’s work pants or jeans,
winter coats, shoes and boots. All other clothing is appreciated. Recently a Boy Scout
troop donated over 500 pairs of gloves!

Grocery Cart: Our grocery cart is always ready to collect your non-perishable items to
go to the Groton Human Services food pantry.