Deacon of the Month

Diane Snider (201) 317-4323

Members of Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church support each other in life’s transitions and challenges. The Deacons seek to facilitate that through “The Deacon of the Month” as a point of contact for anyone in need. In addition, we serve as additional voices and hands for the congregation in expressing concern for those who are ill or experiencing loss or
hardship, by sending cards, calling on the phone, visiting and giving practical assistance.

We rejoice together in times of celebration. The Deacons provide a rose in celebration of the birth or adoption of a child. We present gifts to graduating high school and college seniors. We also coordinate the preparation of elements and cleanup for each
communion service.

We also continue to support those in need in the community around us. We collect food bank donations throughout the year, with special collections during the holidays.

Deacons Grocery Cart

Have you been wondering what that grocery cart is sitting outside of Fellowship Hall? It’s collecting non-perishable food for the Groton Human Services food locker. Our Deacons deliver goods when we fill up the cart. The next time you are shopping, please consider picking up a few extra items for our neighbors in need. Current needs are: tuna fish, beef stew, spaghetti sauce and tuna helper. But anything is welcome! Thank you!

Back-to-School Backpack Drive

The Deacons are conducting their Annual Backpack Drive July 30 through August 13th.

The kids just got out of school and already we are planning for their return! Please help us make that transition a little easier for some of our local community families through Groton Human Services.