We are blessed with a music program found more often in much larger churches.  Bob Newton is Music Director at the Coast Guard Academy and at SAPC rehearsals. Eileen Newton is the organist and directs the choir Sunday mornings.  Our Senior Choir rehearses each Sunday evening from 7:15 to about 9:00 and reviews music for the next several weeks.  In November and December they prepare for a Christmas Cantata that is presented during the worship service before Christmas.  On occasion the Senior Choir has had the privilege of singing at St Patrick’s Cathedral and Carnegie Hall in NYC.

The Handbell Choir rehearses Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.  They perform several times during the year.

The Junior Choir rehearses following the worship service and also perform several times during the year.

The things that these three choirs have is common is the joy of singing or playing and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful worship experiences.  The members come with varying degrees of expertise and/or training but soon develop talents that they might not have realized they had.  Not only that but they also have a lot of fun!

Nothing that I can say on this page does them justice so you will just have to hear them for yourself.  If you think that you would enjoy being part of a great choir please talk to Eileen.