Our Vision

Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church Preschool values the whole child, which include the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development of every child and seeks to offer a safe environment to encourage curiousity, adventure and a love for learning.

Three/Four/Five Year Old Classroom.

Three/Four/Five Year Old Classroom.

The most natural way a child learns is through play. Children learn by doing, they strive to become independent and self-directed in their learning.

  • Our focus is based on the whole child, which includes a variety of learning experiences to develop the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of every child as well as learning to develop a sense of community.
  • We want each child to feel good about who they are and to be able to make independent choices which fosters positive self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • We believe that each child is unique and special individual with varying interest, needs and abilities.
  • We strive to prepare an environment, which will help children develop to their fullest potential.

Children learn through play and by doing. A prayer is said before snacks. Kindness and cooperation are taught.

The teaching staff demonstrates genuine care and respect for all children and their families. We encourage family participation and have an open door policy. All parents or family members are welcome to visit anytime. Our curriculum is based on emergent learning, which draws on children’s interest, activities and spontaneity with the natural inclination for the child to socialize and have fun. We encourage that each child dress for success enabling them to explore and discover the many wonderful experiences that await them in a safe and nurturing environment.

Two Year Old Classroom.

Two Year Old Classroom.

  • Focusing on wellness and disease prevention through education.
  • Moving from dependent to involved care of our health.
  • Creating a whole-person approach to health involving body, mind, and spirit.

The St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Preschool is a nonprofit program operated by the church. Tuition is due in the following programs and can be made payable to SAPCP.

Our schedules take into consideration the Groton Schools Calendar.

All programs are state licensed.

*Registration discount offered to families who are registering more than one child.

Enrollment is open to the local community. Call 405-0478 to determine if class openings are available.