September 2020 Anchor



Farewell to Jason

 Most everyone knows by now that Rev. Jason Santalucia will be leaving St Andrew on September 27 for new adventures. It is with sadness that we say goodbye. Many of the members and friends of St Andrew have expressed their gratitude to Jason for the great work he has done during these past three years, but the session wanted to provide a final opportunity to everyone to thank Jason following his last worship service with us. There will be a reception with cake and drinks following the service on September 27. We will observe our proper protocol by holding the reception outside in front of the church, maintaining social distancing and masks (except when eating the cake). In the event of inclement weather, we will use the Fellowship Hall and hallway. We anticipate a larger than normal crowd on September 27 so we will make plans for an overflow location if we reach the maximum safe seating capacity of the sanctuary. We look forward to seeing many at the service and reception. If you feel uncomfortable with an inside gathering you may want to consider joining us at about 10:50 for the reception outside following the service. There will also be a ZOOM meeting at 1:00 that Jason will host for those not able to join us at the church. A ZOOM meeting request will be sent to members and friends as we approach September 27.

Joe Jackson, Chair Fellowship Committee

 Notes from the Bench

Our new hymnals are HERE and are in the pews.  In fact, during worship on the 16th of August, the hymnals were used for the very first time.

Since we are still not singing – COVID-19 restrictions – we are “singing” the hymns a bit differently.  I will play through the hymn as an introduction, then – in unison – we speak the words of the hymn. To conclude the hymn, I play through again using different voices of the organ.  I’ve heard a few comments on how people are actually “hearing” the hymn anew – without singing, we experience the words differently and perhaps the words take on new meanings.

The hymns of our faith are an incredible resource for meditation – bringing words of hope, of comfort, of encouragement, of consolation, of ________ – fill in the blank.   I may not be able to recite many verses of the bible … but I don’t think I am alone in saying I can recall verses of hymns.

If you don’t have a hymnal at home … here is an opportunity.  In the hallway of the fellowship hall building is a table full of our old blue hymnals.   This table contains those hymnals that have bookplates dedicating the hymnal in someone’s name.  The names included go back to when the hymnals were bought some twenty years back.  I would encourage you to consider stopping by and perhaps find a hymnal that was given by someone – for someone.  Bring it home and add the words of these hymns to your times of mediation and devotion.


Fall is Coming!
 Where did the summer go? Maybe you spent your time cleaning out the house and now have clothing, kitchen items, linens or furniture to get rid of.  As a good steward of the Earth you would rather see those items that could be useful to someone else, not end up in the landfill. We have a solution for that problem: the clothing can be used at the New London Homeless Hospitality Center and the household goods can be used to rehome members of our community. All items can be left at the church or contact Debby Green.
As the weather gets cooler there is a need for :warm jackets, sweatshirts, gloves and hats In great need are adult men’s pants (preferably jeans) and shirts.Always appreciated: gently used, clean socks and underwear, shoes and t-shirts**Other items include: wallets, purses, coin holders, belts, sunglasses, reading glasses,  backpacks and bibles. Anything that has life still in it, can find a new home. Operation Christmas Child
 This year our church mission committee will be supporting Operation Christmas Child. It may seem early to think about Christmas, however first we have to find boxes, fill the boxes, dry the boxes off: and then someone else has to arrange for the shipping; and then someone else distributes the boxes to the villages where the box is handed to the child. AND that all takes time.For now all you need to do is find a shoe box, we have a few shoe boxes up on the shelf in the coat closet at church if you need one. You might want to take advantage to the back to school sales and buy some crayons or the like. We will be collecting the boxes starting the end of October. If you would like to get started early there are flyers available in the Narthex. If you. have questions contact Debby Green

 Ready set go!  The preschool is gearing up for its 17th year of operation.
 The floors in the building are so bright, shiny and clean! Thank you, Dan! This year will look a lot different as we navigate through preschool during COVID -19.  We will be following the Office of Early Childhood guidelines to ensure safety for all of our families. 

We are limited to how many children we are allowed in each class. So therefore our numbers are much lower than in the past. There will be lots of hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day. The children are not required to wear a mask however; the teaching staff will all be wearing masks. Hopefully, our state will continue to do well and follow the safety guidelines in place for keeping COVID-19 away. Presently we have a total of 33 children enrolled.

The doors will open to the joyful sounds of children on September 8th.  To greet them is our dedicated returning staff:  Cindy Clarke, Amy Luther, Susan Lord and Pat Dalton.  

This year we are excited to have a new staff join our team; Julie Allen, Julie has worked at Riverfront Children’s Center for 10 years and comes with a wealth of experience. We are very excited to have her as a new team member and for her to share her talents with us.
 Pat Dalton,
Preschool Director

We will be doing an in-depth study of Romans 12 this fall, based on the book    True Spirituality: Becoming a Romans 12 Christian by Pastor Chip Ingram. 

Where Romans is the book that helps define Christianity in the world, Romans 12 helps define how a Christian is to be a Christian in the world. 
 We will conduct this study via both Zoom and in person at the church – your choice of venue. 
We will meet on Monday’s at 7PM for about an hour per session 14 Sept through 7 Dec. 
Study materials will be provided. 
If you plan to participate or want to know more, please contact Dale Green at or 860-440-2788Mission committee 
 The next Mission Committee meeting will be on Sept 13 at 11 a.m. via zoom and for those in the sanctuary.  If you attend the service, just stay connected and the meeting will start shortly.
 We had to postpone the Special Offerings collections due to the pandemic.  We would like to schedule them for:    
      One Great Hour of Sharing:  Sunday, Sept 20.  
     Peace and Global Offering:  TBD For Oct.  

 Christmas Joy –Early December

One Great Hour of Sharing  Provides aid for the hungry – aid in disasters – and to aid       development of a better life

   Donations can be made in three different ways:   On line through our web site:  Just be sure to designate the funds to One Great Hour of Sharing.     By mail:   Please mail the enclosed giving envelope with your check with “ One Great Hour Offering” in the  memo section.   In the offering collection plate in the Narthex.We can still help others, even when we are in a challenging world.The need is greater than ever, so please consider giving what you can.  
 The committee has worked hard to be sure that we have all the information we need to make the best decisions possible during this disturbing time. If you have any questions about our work, please email me at   Jean Degrooth, ChairMission Committee                                                                                                                               Missions
Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child” 
 There was an article written by Bruce Wydick. He said “Child sponsorship makes sense: By focusing on youth instead of adults, it aims to nip poverty in the bud, providing children in the developing world access to education, health services, and, in some programs, spiritual guidance.” After doing research in six countries on three continents he concluded that sponsored children did 20 to 50% better than their non-sponsored siblings in all areas of consideration like finishing school, going to university, getting white collar jobs, becoming community leaders , etc.

Our church has been sponsoring a Compassion child for many years by collecting loose change from the congregation, our children writing letters, mission trips to Compassion schools in Guatemala and even sending one of our college kids to Uganda to visit one of our sponsored children. If you are attending church in person, please drop your change in the designated container on the table in the narthex; if you are attending worship via zoom you could send your donation in as a check with Coins for Compassion on the memo line.

If you have any questions about Coins for Compassion please contact Debby Green.
If you cannot be in church on Sunday and have a prayer or praise to be shared, please email Pastor Jason directly and he will make sure that your concern is prayed over.                                September 
Vicki Jesse
The Deacons are the
“hands of the church.”
Please call if you know
of a church member in need

July August and September ,Sorry we missed your birthday! Please let the church office know of any corrections or additions to the monthly birthday list.


Dale Green 2022         Clerk of Session
Personnel Committee Chair
Worship Committee Chair

Jean DeGrooth 2021 Mission Committee Chair

Karen Eisenbeiser 2022 Mkt & Connections Chair

Tim Evers 2022 Nominating Committee Chair

Dave Gaiewski 2020 Preschool Department Chair

Joe Jackson 2021 Fellowship Chair

Steve Jesse 2022  Education Department Chair

Bill Smith 2020        Finance Committee Chair
Stewardship Chair

Jeff Snider 2021     Property Department Chair


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David Warfield, Director of Music Ministry | 860-887-8683

Cristina Vanase, Administrative Assistant  | 860-445-8348

Pat Dalton, Director of St. Andrew Preschool  | 860-405-0478

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